Can Social Media Really Help Your Sales To Soar?

Social media sites have become massive in recent times. When it comes to companies and businesses, however, a trap exists. Your kids are always on Facebook; your friends use Instagram to post vacation snaps, and you enjoy catching up on the news and events with Twitter.

So what’s the problem? In simple terms, social media can often be viewed as a ‘social’ tool, rather than a sales tool.

Years ago, this may have posed no problem. With so much advertising taking place using the traditional means such as newspapers, word of mouth, radio and so forth, in the past social media played a very small role in sales figures.

In our modern, and very online, society however quite the opposite can be said. Regardless of the company size, many businesses realize that a strong social media presence can have a significant impact on their sales figures. Why is this the case?

Young or old, males or females, professionals and students, everyone is online these days. Information, news events, invitations, and announcements; everything seems to hit social media first.

So if your company has a silent existence on social media sites, countless advertising opportunities are passing you by, every second, of every minute, of every hour of every day!

How Social Media Affects Sales

Let’s take an example of a small business, a craft store or cleaning business for instance. It already has a few regular customers, benefits from a little word of mouth and a few passers-by, but in general, the customer base is small. How could a social media presence make a massive impact to sales? Well let’s say the following happened:

1. The Craft Store sets up an account on various social media sites and links them with their personal social media accounts.

Result: Now all of the personal social media friends are seeing the business.

2. The craft store posts a few fun, quirky or interesting posts.

Result: Current friends on the social media pages share the link with their friends, now awareness of the craft store is growing and sales are potentially rising.

3. The craft store posts a competition or freebie opportunities on their social media pages.

Result: Pretty much everyone loves getting something for nothing, now the link is being shared with friends’ friends, and their friends and so on. Sales are now potentially at the highest they have been since the time the company first started doing business.

It’s a simple example, but the message is very clear, right? We live in a very modern society that is always online. If we want our businesses to be successful and our sales to increase, then we need to move in the direction of the majority.

If you are not already active on social media sites and would like to see your company thriving, then work at building a strong presence from today. After all, with social media having the ability to have such a significant affect on the bottom line, it’s time to use it to makes your sales truly soar.